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Story of my life
Moments when someone has a bitch about something and you agree and it happens to you.
Boy1 - My girl friend doesnt put out man!
Boy2- STOML, bro.


Girl - Omg im so fat
Girl2 - Stoml :(
by Rangeri January 05, 2011
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when something bad happens to you and you want to project that it happens often or just that it is really lame. Also used to agree with someone on something you don't usually want to do.

has a negative connotation.

stands for Story of My Life or Sound Track To My Life.

has same affect has an FML.
Friend: I gotta pee so bad right now, but i don't wanna get up.
You: STOML dude.

Friend: I lost to two chicks in beer pong last night.
You: STOML. happend to me last weekend..
by Pop_Roxx March 12, 2011
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