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A Sexual position. The girl in said position, must be in an arched position, usually rear sticking in the air, to symbolize the St. Louis Arch. To symbolize the grand slam, (Busch Stadium) she must have someone 1; Kissing her 2; feeling her breasts 3; fingering her (For a man on first, second, and third) and someone doing her from behind for a batter. When the "batter" is about to cum, you spin her around, and hit her on the cheek, to make a popping sound, for the "Home Run Hit". To be truly authentic she should not be shaved, for Bush/Busch Stadium.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear Victoria was the first girl to hit an STL Grand Slam?
Guy 2: No, i didn't know there were women in the MLB yet.
Guy 1: There aren't *winks* **Explains**
by Chainsaw037 May 10, 2009
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