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The new word for the Michael Vick Experience or MV7. In the days prior to his prison sentence with the Falcons, fans would watch their unstoppable scrambling QB and compare it to a thrill ride.

In 2009 Michael would sign with the Philadelphia Eagles and in 2010 he would earn the starting role. Few people believed Vick would ever be as good as he once was, if not, better.

On the night of Monday, November 15th 2010, on his return to the field from an injury suffered against the Redskins a few weeks earlier in the season. Vick would ascend to what Jon Gruden coined as "STARSHIP 7" status; quite simply meaning, he does it all. He is on a whole 'nother level inconceivable to our knowledge of football in the present.
(before gametime)
Adam: "You ready for the game 2nite?"
Ryan: "Yea do you know what time the launch is set for?"
Adam: "What? What Launch?"
Ryan: "STARSHIP 7 is goin' off!!!"
Adam: "OH SHIT!!!!!!"

(facebook status before gametime)
Adam W. is looking to the sky tonight because there are reports that STARSHIP 7 took off on the redskins...
by woody7 November 21, 2010
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