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A formal research paper concerning the topics of Science, Technology, Architecture, Religion, Politics, Arts, and Philosophy, for a given city in a certain time-period. For each of the STARPAP categories, the research question "How are beliefs made visible?" must be answered. One page is written on each topic, with a thesis statement and examples regarding the research question, along with other details about the topic. In addition to the seven STARPAP categories, a introduction and conclusion must be written. The introduction provides some historical background and explains what the research paper will include. The conclusion ties different categories to each other, like "Science relates to Philosophy because...". In addition to the research paper, 28 sources listed in bibliographic form must be completed.
STARPAP guidelines dictate that the most important thing to remember is that Research is NOT a Straight Line (section 5.6.1a in the STARPAP handbook). Also, the guidelines say that the best brain food for sustaining focus and brainpower while working on the STARPAP are bananas (section 8.2.4d in the STARPAP handbook).
Cyntia: Thats OK Jaf Jaf, you just have to do the whole thing over. Tonight.
by SHINSHIA IS GOD April 20, 2009
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