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Used as any and all parts of speech, including (Adj), (N), and (V).
The act of, or, partaking in a driving situation in which the driver (Steven) receives oral sex from one of the three XC hoe’s or vehicle occupants. At the same time, the driver (Steven) eats the favorite meal of a steak, which it located on a plate strapped down (Preferably Velcro) to the oral sex givers head. While this happens, the remaining occupants of the Vehicle (Required: 2007 Mich. Galant) rub, if given permission, the driver’s biceps. Once all of these elements are combined before the intended destination, ST Head is complete.
1)Being hungry and ready to recieve at the same time, Jonny administered ST Head (N) on the way to practice with the XC Hoe's.

2)The three ST Headed (V) at his request before running.

3)The ST Head of the situation (Adj) seemed satisfying, until the driver was distracted and went into the ditch, tragically
spilling the remaining contencts of the "mussel milk".
by Sal Rosenburger May 01, 2007
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