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A SyFy channel original movie. Everyone knows what a B movie is. SS Doomtrooper is a damn Z movie. It fucking blows something terrible! This abomination was aired in year of our lord 2006. The acting and special effects will make you want to punch yourself in the junk.

The plot of the movie is simple. Some whack job Nazi scientist is trying to make a super soldier that will win the war for Germany. He creates this wonder weapon by throwing a soldier in a radiation chamber. The result is a shitty cgi, blue copy of the hulk. The mutation also made the doomtrooper sprout a gun out its arm and gave him a big pair of pants. Anyway, the rest of the movie revolves around some US paratroopers who are also criminals(clearly a partial rip off of the dirty dozen) dropping in in broad daylight and trying to stop this atari animated creep. The movie does a god awful job of portraying ww2 equipment. The Germans speak their native tounge as well as English to one another. Notable scenes include an American sniper making a crack shot from an arms length away and some limey fuck getting shot about 2,000 times by half the German army. The ending is a piece of shit that Im not even going to write on here.

If you feel like wasting a little over an hour of your life, watch this sorry excuse for a movie. Half the time you wont know if you should piss yourself laughing or say, "what the fuck!"
I felt like losing 89 minutes of my life so I watched SS Doomtrooper on SyFy channel.
by pat790 December 03, 2010
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