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The hardest damn clique in the world. People who only walk on hardwood floors, no concrete, just hardwood floors cuz they're ballin'. Like a man with no watch they ain't got no time for the bullshit. They keep it real as hell doouuww. Typical gang sign seen by this mob is the left arm thrown up in the shape of an "S" representing their presence. But beware, if they throw the right arm up in the shape of a "Z" then these are when they are most destructive and belligerently drunk. Most notoriously known for creating and goin HAM, the newest craze among young teens today, then typically ending in throwing up, assuming Power Position(TM-d.n.), blacking out, and not remembering a goddamn thing the next morning. Once awake they do their daily ritual, Bicken Back Bein Bool. Overall, they ain't nothins to fucks with forreal cuz.
"I go WVU Squad'n with j.s. & k.l., JMU Squad'n with d.n., and RU Squad'n with s.h."
"I walk up in the club, Squad'n on errbody"
"Damn that bitch be Squad'd up!"
"Yea, she's fuckin SQUAAAD!"
"Yo niggas.....Squad Da Fuck Up!!!!!"
by Japstick09 September 14, 2011
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