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Sabber- Pedo- Übersack Likes to Fuck.
Ricardo Sanz is a SPUELF / SPÜLF.
Ricardo Sanz is a SPUELF or even SPÜLF and Musician.
SPÜLF youself.

He produced Fred Belli and the Track "Der Präsident hat gesagt....". That is why he is a S.P.Ü.L.F..
by Ricardo Sanz May 21, 2008
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Adverb, meaning "not thirsty".

Apart from its original form, literally meaning that you are full/not thirsty, it can be used in different contexts as slang.

The word descends from Norwegian slang. However it functions well in other languages, such as English, German, Chinese, etc...

Getting spulf: drink until you are totally not thirsty/getting drunk.
A spulfer: a person who really enjoys getting spulf.
A spulfie: a girl who has swallowed her share of seamen.
- Would you like some more tea, Ms. Yovankizha?

- No thank you, I'm spulf

- Do you think I have a shot at Lisa? She's totally super hot!
- Na, man... She's spulf when it comes to sex..

- Dude! I'm so glad school is over!
- Hell yes! We're getting spulf this weekend, for sure!

- Did you see how Steve kept puking all over the place last night?
- Yeah, I know.. He just kept drinking although he was spulf hours ago.. He is a real spulfer..!
by Spulfer June 05, 2009
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homework induced vomit
I am going to spulf all over myself if I have to read one more page of this book.
by zepper October 05, 2009
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