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Suckin On Some Titties.

The greatest joy to man, the wellspring of broternal joy. For as man gave his rib until woman, woman gives her jubblies unto menfolk, and it ain't like a little SOSTin feels bad for her. Any man who knows the endless joys of sostin knows that this prodigal gift can be applied to all good things in life. Also can be said casually, to mean anything, sostin, just sostin
"Yo bru, where'd you go"
"Just ducked out for a little sostin"
"Sostin? You were sostin! That's awesome, I wanna buy you a beer!"

"Hey man, how was that test?"

"Sostin! So easy"

"What's up?"
"Nothin much, just sostin, you know how we do"

by hokeepenokee May 01, 2009
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