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An acronym of sorts that stands for Straight Out Of Compton Ass Timmy. This word is a nickname for timmy and shows what a real life G he really is. Unknown to most, Timmy is a straight G fresh outa compton who has come to Westhester to show us crackas how to steeze it up. SOCAT, like a true G, also smokes so much weed that he has been known to forget where he lives and just show up at your house all fucked up looking for a ham sandwich. He has also been known to say, "I'm straight out the fuckin streets of CPT bitch!"
Some tron says,"Yo Westchester needs a big baller who's straight out the fuckin streets of CPT but where can we find one?" SOCATS' ghetto ass caddy pulls up in a cloud of pink smoke and he says, "I have come to enlighten all of you rich ass crackas in the ways of gangstatude so follow me my pupiles and lets turn this joint into a straight hood."
by white foolio November 10, 2004
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