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A SNOWRAD is like NORAD, but instead of defending against Soviet strategic bombers and ballistic missiles, it is a home that is like a command center for defending against a snowpocalypse. The owner of the home is often obsessive about preparing for the storm.

SNOWRAD's are homes that not only survive the blizzard, but effectively provide knowledge of the storm and actually defend the owner from feeling its effects. They are well built homes in which the owner has at least 6 televisons, all of which are switched to various weather channels. The garage likely contains all or some of the following; a snow blower, front loading tractor, SUV, snowmobiles, truck (possibly with snow plow attachment). The refrigerator is likely filled with enough food and beverage to last a month.
Telephone convo
Billy: What's up man.
Allen: Yo, what's up.
Billy: The roof collapsed at my house and I need a place to chill, is it cool if I head over to your place?
Allen: Uhh... no it's not cool my roof collapsed too b/c of this damn snowpocalypse. I'm actually heading over to Mike's place, his dad has got it set up like SNOWRAD. Mike's coming to pick me up on his snowmobile right now, you should give him a call.
Billy: Word.
by Rasicule February 10, 2010
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