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this is a completely kool term only used by the coolest people in the werld. it means that you oonly can eat glowing babies. sometimes youu can occasionaly eat other nincompooplys named buzzle and sninker, but usually you just stick to glowing babies, and black babies. this word also means lizard snake &&1 dog cat pussy. a delicisy is very proper for snarnar meetings that is called yumyum snickle pops, glowing babies covered in sparkly nail polish and hot dog wrappers. a kompleetly klassic example of a snarnar get to geth her is outside in someones yard when its snowing. and then you eat. and then you laugh so hard that your leetle stomick cant take it no more and you explode. then the magic fairy comes and puts you back together so you can eat more yummers. the best part of these snarnars is the klassic peetsa and the deeeeelishus sauces that kum ina variety of flavers native to the hill. a good food to bring to snarnar potluk it is horny dragon snoup and freshly made pineapale dumplings. dont bring grass though. snarnar strongly hates grass with a passion that is BURNING. snarnar hate grass so much, they snuther it with theyr toenails evry tiem they go outside to feed the hot dogs. acshuly they dont hate grass. theyu luv grass so much that they hug it. snarnar is good. you should do it too. with mustard.
SNARNAR is the ultimetly best thing int he werld. Eat it. Now.
by indianoladragonlover April 28, 2008
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