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1. Much like the ever so popular SLAMPIG, slam waalrus is a derogatory term used to describe a woman between the ages of 18- 34, who by default is a total whore, her usual prey is the totaly drunk asshole that likes wales and other giant obese sea mamals, just because they are easy. the slam walrus is over 210lbs but under 300lbs because that is just repulsive.
2. the slamwalrus fucks anything and any one that will put it in her trench, and is usually one or two months peregnant, but unaware of it because of her Walrus like figure.
3. commonly slamwalruss , produce vile cunt nuggets.
Dude, i went down to Myrtle beach last weekend, got so fahhhked up i fucked this fat ass slamwalrus, she was married and two months pregnant but i couldnt tell.
by CURLY H3AD3D FUCK October 28, 2009
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