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The Senior Keg Party,
an annual event held by HS seniors for HS seniors. Usually falling at the end of the year at a secret location that you really have to ask around to know. Events have been known to occur across the country, mainly in mountain towns where people love to party all the time. All seniors are welcome, but a BYOB approach is best when comming as kegs may be short.

Rules: Beer is almost exclusivly the drink of choice, marijuana is appropriate, and seniors who tell anyone other than another senior are totally discrased and possibly beaten.
Speaker 1: "What is SKP?"

Speaker 2: "The Senior Keg Party down by the river, only tell seniors and ladies. Bring a keg of beer if you can."
by SKP AK May 09, 2008
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Engineering term for "Some Kinda Plastic"
Hey Dude, what material would you specify for that part? Being the Engineering Expert I am, would go for an SKP!
by peter wellington September 04, 2006
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