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A person of twenty something, with a college degree, a little out of shape and always believe their opinion to be the most accurate in the group. They generally claim to love God just not enough to go to church. They have high hopes of retiring in thirty years with a good pension and look foreward to the day when they can talk about what a fullfilled life they lived. This kind of person is also known as a "Simpsonface".
A simpsonface is the kind of guy that aims for being average and blending in rather then aiming big. A Simpsonface is not known to be a dreamer or a risk taker. He is considered to be a guardian of the mainstream and all the monotony that comes along with it. Instead of questioning a government structured society a Simpsonface simply embraces it by doing what is expected of him. He works hard and pays his taxes so that he can one day die with a guilt free consious. The goals of a Simpsonface are generally simple. They include working for the man, living outside his means, and bringing home the girls with big hearts and good personalities. A Simpsonface is usually up to his eyeballs in debt by his mid thirties because he decided to get married and drop more then he could afford on a ring, wedding, house, and car.
by The O.G Ronald McDonald May 15, 2008
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