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pronounced "shoe kid".
A typical SHU kid is a Seton Hall student. A typical suburban High-fiving, letter-wearing,"come-to-our-mixer" advertising, obnoxious Facebook/MySpace/AIM addict who can't even mute their laptop while in class, IBM-T60-carrying fool who gets mugged for their iPod on South Orange Ave in broad daylight, overtanned, Hollister-shopping, babbling idiot who has no idea what they are talking about when it comes to academics, hand-raiser for stupid/already answered questions, who run around the green in the middle of the night for shits and giggles, spoiled, overly-loud texters, white "gangster" sign flipping, jaywalking, parking-spot stealing, high-pitch voiced effing mofos.

It's not a good thing if someone calls you a SHU kid.

"Hey, you like, almost, like, ran me over!"
"Oh! I'm sorry! WAS I DRIVING DURING A FUCKING GREEN LIGHT?!?!?! I'm so sorry about that, you jaywalking half-wit fucking SHU KID!!!!"
"Oh em gee! Like, eff you!"

"Oh no! Another Seton Hall student got mugged for his iPod on SO Ave!"
"What a freaking SHU kid."

"Fucking SHU kids."
by Ex SHU student November 14, 2007
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