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A rea ass bitch who's down for anything. She aint no sleazy beezy, the sleeeeeaz makes its way to HER and if you wanna match her steez....I personally suggest you dont because it is damn near IMPOSSIBLE! Smooth and crazy as can be this motha fuckin hoe aint no motha fuckin HOE. Get at this cunt cause she worth a milli freal.
Tyrone:DAAAAAAAAMN that bitch is foooiiiine man check the buns on that girl!!!!
TOEneesha:yee ty ty but check out dat FACE!
Tyrone:nigga that just put me outta ma PLACE.
TOEneesha:yo check out that fairy ass lookin yarbo butch next to her though...
TOEneesha:Maybe cause its shee-naaaaaaas-teeeeeeeee!
by Gregolio Barnoldie September 02, 2008
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