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A Hawaiian organized crime syndicate, similar to the Mafia, or the HUI. They have some control of the Island social system, seeing as they own major things like Surf Clothing lines Strip Bars and the like Power and RESPECT. They have a strict code of loyalty and honor, which is a traditional code held by the Organization. Shakuza are usually known to have large tattoos covering their Necks, chests, and arms. They are also made famous by Rock culture, an example cutting off of a fingertip is done by those who have angered the shakuza as a plea for forgivness. THe name Shakuza translates SURF HAWAII ALOHA KOKUA UNITY ZEN ALIANCE.
The Shakuza is a tough, powerful Surf organization.
shakuza is the meaning of gangster/Surfer in America Hawaiian Kingdom.

As the shakuza stepped into the room, they stand making way for the shakuza leader, MASTERKUZA to walk through.
by MR.FOTH August 18, 2011
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