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Shitty Green Trucks / 2000. A Drummondville Kebecstand based trucking outfit notoriously known for hiring English-challenged people and of having some drunk dispatchers and cute secretaries with high bang-ability factors.

They usually have Mack trucks and Volvos and are underpowered. But newer models are introduced to make up for lost time.

Legend has that Cornholio once worked for this company but was kicked out for failing a drug test at American Customs hence they thought he was smuggling corn in this rectal receptacle.

They're a not bad company to work for, IF you have EXPERIENCE or speak Kebeckstander.
Dan: What do you call an SGT 2000 truck going against a McKevitt Trucking truck?

John: What??? Whatt?

Dan: Special Olympics tsee heheheheheheee

John: That's so true...
by Damn Damn Danno October 01, 2005
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