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SFQP is an acronym meaning "Stop fucking quad posting."

You will see this acronym used on web boards, blogs, forums, etc. It is used in response to an obvious attempt at boosting ones' own post count by posting after ones' own post, or most literally, posting four times in a row.

Also used ironically, in response to a legitimate double post.

It is generally used to discredit ones' recent posts as counting towards their overall post count. High post counts are a status symbol on many sites.
Example #1

QuadPoster: o hay gusy

QuadPoster: how r u doing 2day

QuadPoster: postcount hax

QuadPoster: lol

Moderator: SFQP

Example #2

Poster1396: Can anyone tell me how to edit my signature?

Poster1396: Never mind

Poster2: SFQP
by gen.ret October 17, 2007
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