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SECTA is a white washed school. You can choose from many majors, health occ(you will find all asians here), Cosmo(you will find all the wannabe popular girls who all act and dress the same here) ,Culinary(everyone only chooses this to eat) automotive(all the white boys who honestly do absolutely nothing and think they know everything) Photography(all the wannabe Instagram models) and etc. SECTA has the worst dress code policy. A certain administrator here spends most of her day nit picking at girls for the smallest things dress coding them. “ARE GIRLS THIGHS REALLY THAT DAMN DISTRACTING”. Oh and the sports teams here- SUCK, well not all of them. Most SECTA kids drop out from the stress and complain about everything when really the students there are spoiled as hell. Besides the fact that the school looks like a damn concentration camp right now.
“Dr.Lin is stressing me out so much.”

“Mr.McDonald gives us so much work I’m not going to make it to next year.”

“I’m going to just fail all my classes and drop out of SECTA.”

“Oh shit, Ms.Moneys coming.”

“Let’s build another damn building in the middle of the school year”
by SECTA REVIEW April 11, 2019
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(South East Technical Career Academy) Formerly known as Vo-Tech, SECTA is a magnet public high school known for having the worst sports teams ever, filled with Asians, Hispanics and a good amount of Caucasians. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, students may apply for career majors such as Health Occ. (you'll find all the Asians here), Auto-Tech, Auto Body, CISCO, Culinary, Computer Animation, Cosmetology, Television Production, Graphic Design, etc.
Hey what high school are you applying for freshman year?

I don't know man, I applied to SWCTA and SECTA, but I don't know if either of them will accept me.

That's so lame dude, just go to a regular high school, they're so more laid back than magnets.
by Steady Mobbin July 16, 2012
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