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A typical, although not absolute, description of southern teenage to twenty-something women. The SEC Look is characterized by a deep tan, very white, straight teeth, heavy makeup, sorority (or any other fitted) tee shirt, cheerleading shorts (possibly left over from middle or high school) and either flip-flops or running shoes with no-show socks that have obviously never seen a treadmill or track. Bonus if she has highlights and a southern accent. Characteristically, they are very nice and sweet to everyone, although sometimes that can be hypocritical. They dominate interior decorating, psychology, sociology, marketing, public relations and human resources (AKA "MRS. Degree") majors in college, though college attendance is not required. Finally, they tend to form and stay in groups, whether officially affiliated or not, and they ALL LOOK THE SAME.

Note: They don't even have to be attractive to have the SEC Look, as most of them have that one fat friend.
Male 1: She seems really nice...and she's hot.

Male 2: Yeah, but I don't trust the whole SEC Look.
by promark420 August 01, 2007
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