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1. A term to describe someone who is constant and obsessive about picking scabs on themselves or others. 2. Someone who participates in dangerous activities and continues even though they have suffered numerous injuries. 3. An act that causes a person to become injured, or make existing injuries worse.
1. Jeremy can not be on television in only his speedo. He is a serious scab juicer, and his arms and legs are covered with puss filled, oozing sores.(or,) I do not want Dante making my sandwich. He's been scab juiceing again, and he does not wash his hands. 2. Boy, Jerry is stupid ! He keeps on skating the huge half pipe, but is always falling, and bustin' open his old scabs all over again. What a scab juicer! 3. I don't know,! That roof to roof jump with the two story gap in the middle looks like a huge scab juicer!
by Brittany T April 22, 2008
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