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Severe Addicted To Kpop Syndrome (SATKS) - noun. a serious infectious illness which causes the victim to be overly obsessive with Kpop, despite being only just infected.The pandemic first appeared in 1992 when the group Seo Tai-ji & Boys debut and spread SATKS with their music.But in 2007, Girls' Generation "Gee" have effectively spread the infectious music/pandemic all around the world due to globalization, resulting to a huge amount of people getting affect.Many Kpop groups started to debut then, which spread SATKS even more.
People who are infected by SATKS, are also known as kfag(Korean faggots)
Only strong willed people, blunt person or strong hatred against Korea can resist SATKS
Person 1:KARA is definitely better than 2pm OK!!!
Person 2:NO!!2pm is my husband!!I even bought their cup,T-shirt and also the limited edition 2pm poster!!
Person 3:You both are infected by SATKS...
by Dr.Lim September 07, 2011
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