S curl is a cropped jheri curl style that uses texturizer and activator to make the curl snap back.
For instance, R&B singer Bobby Valentino or anyone who buys a box that says texturizer or s curl.
by Nadia. N. D. February 16, 2009
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A kit used to attain straightness of hair. Used to get rid of what we black folks call "naps". It presents a false sense of neatness because if you don't keep using it, the waves dissappear. Not to be confused with the waves that are acheived when using a brush, grease, and a durag. S-Curl waves are pretty but fake.
Nigga #1:Did you see Ray Ray's hair?

Nigga #2:Yeah it was wavy!

Nigga #1: That shit ain't real, that nigga got an S-Curl yesterday.

Nigga #2:What's an S-Curl?

Nigga #1:Go look at my definition on urbandictionary.com, bitch..
by Relle-2-tha-muhfukin-D January 23, 2008
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