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Immediate relief for a painful vagina using Flexall 454 and Advil.

The female, even though experiencing tremendous vaginal pain, positions herself for doggy-style intercourse. The male lubricates his erect penis with Flexall 454 and commences intercourse. Whilst thrusting at over 95 mph, the male inserts two (2) Advil into the female's anus. The Advil and the Flexall 454 numb the female's vagina and permit the male to rapidly thrust for up to 27 consecutive years without further pain to the vagina.
My girl told me last night that she couldn't have sex with me because her vagina was hurting. I turned her around, lubed my dick with Flexall and stuck 2 Advil up her butt and gave her the ol' Ryan Express. For her, it was just a couple of Advil and them aches and pains were long gone.
by Donnie Greystone October 07, 2010
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