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(Ryan Christopher Nassif): ry-aN N,a(ss)i F)

(full name: ryan christopher nassif) a male who is often misconceived but is just looking for a girl to be his queen. . Sometimes wears (what to appear to be) Real White diamond studs and a white diamond watch just like my sister! (SIKE My sister does NOT have as much swag as The Ryan Nassif) probably masterbates to Angels in Heaven having sex because that is his standard or one of his "Best Friends" or "Butt Buddies", Roman Palumbo who is also good looking but a more unattractive male with less sharp features, earings also, and the same mental problems as a ryan nassif (the only difference is that ryan nassif's penis is 10000X bigger So ive heard ;)). People first see this kid they think he is an overly cocky teenager that doesnt respect girls.(Totally Wrong from personal P.O.V.) A mature ,confident young lad and any girl that is perfect enough to be his girlfriend should have their life completed. Sure to be Successful in his later life and be an Icon. Fun Fact: A "Fighter" of some type.
Girl: Do you know a really attractive guy that i could meet?

Other Girl: Yea, I actually do but he is so attractive i dont think that you cold even lay your eyes on him. He is like Edward Cullen.

Girl: Oh, your talking about The Ryan Nassif? Nevermind :/
by L.A.KINGandVALLEYGOD November 23, 2011
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