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Used to describe a retarded whore who takes advantage of people cheats on every bf she has and can't suck dick to saver her life
Guy: I need some pussy bro
Bro: go fuck Ruth Sanderson she's always down to fuck
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A Ruth Sanderson is a small freckle faced whore with huge daddy issues who fucks teen boys and old men.

A Ruth can't be loyal to anyone she tells all her boyfriends how abused she is when in reality she is the abuser. Notable for their red hair ugly faces and chronic HPV infections you can always be sure to get a piece of ass from her just by telling her she's cute.

Ruth enjoys gangbangs with social out casts and homeless people, she'll even fuck your brother when shes not too busy making a fool of herself and kids.

Ruth loves anything sexual in fact anything naked and moral Ruth's are into, she complains no one will marry her.
Ruth: he won't marry me , I don't think he loves me.
Group of guys: we'll fuck you
Ruth: really ? You love me that much
Group of guys: Nope can't turn a how into a house wife
Ruth: love me please I'm Ruth Sanderson everyone loves me
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