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The act of performing an "Arabian Hot Pocket" followed by a "Rusty Burrito" and finishing up with a "Golden Shower". Totally killing the buzz of any sexual gratification.

1. Defecate into a condom and use it on the female as a dildo. (Arabian Hot Pocket)

2. Place the contents of the condom into the woman's menstruating vagina.

3. Initiate intercourse with the woman and ejaculate inside of her.

4. Immediately after ejaculation, give the woman oral sex until she orgasms.

5. After her orgasm, urinate on her face and tell her to clean up.
I told your girlfriend if she speaks out of turn again I'll give her the Rusty BuZZkiLLaR! If she talks back I'll follow it up with a Portuguese Bow Tie!
by Purple Reilly January 01, 2010
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