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the act of sitting on the face of another and pressing their face into your bare ass while clenching, while doing so it is necesary to shit into their mouth... taco shit are preffered but any will do.
man...after eating taco johns i gave justin the worst rusty bear trap.
by M.A.C July 27, 2006
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this is where a person clenchs someones face in their buttcheeks and then proceeds to excrete into their mouth.
awww i've just been rusty beartrapped.
by Ben Warton May 10, 2008
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The female equivalent of tea bagging. This is when a woman sits on someone's face in celebration of a kill in online gaming.
Katherine added to that guys humiliation by giving him a rusty bear trap after she killed him.
by Squishy6 September 18, 2015
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