Someone who’s never talked to a woman or seen the sun
“Hey have you seen John,he’s coming to the movies with us right?” “No,he’s a rust player
by Heyyagami March 9, 2021
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Someone who isn't socially exepted so they go around saying the n-word at little kids. They also don't have friends in real life.
"Wonder if I should invite Adam to my party." "No he's rust player busy being racist"
by shadowGuard September 8, 2021
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A player who shits their pants and lives in their parents basement
"Oh yeah im a rust player"
"Oh so you shit your pants and live in your parents basement?"
by Yourfavoritedumbass__ May 4, 2022
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a virgin who doesn't go outside
look its a rust player he is so sexy
by esgko May 3, 2022
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