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The two participants in the act will need the following items:
A clear plastic tube, one gallon of milk, lube,

The first participant will insert one end of the clear plastic tube into their rectum. The second participant would then proceed to poor as much milk as possible into the rectum of participant one. Now, with participant two at a higher elevation they will insert the other end of the tube into their rectum. At this point the tube should be inserted into both anuses, and milk should still be in the colin of participant one. Now the participants will begin to change elevation so the delicious mix of fecal matter and milk will flow onto the open rectum of participant two. The participants may continue this as many times as desired, it is customary to share the used milk as a snack afterwards.
last night, I saw two lesbians doing a Russian Sea-saw I still dont know if i was turned on or if I was vomiting out of distaste.
by Cole McAwsomedude III December 20, 2009
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