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n. A rare condition where the person having this mental disease is constantly facing a subconscious impulse that is forcing them to immediately take a 6-round revolver loaded with one bullet, spin the chamber, and squeeze the trigger. Not to be confused with the temporary state of people under the influence of alcohol, who attempt to play the game of Russian Roulette out of inebriated choice, Russian Touroulette's Syndrome is completely involuntary.
Person 1: Hey, Brian has been carrying a revolver around a lot and taking pulls on the trigger. Do you think that he might have Russian Touroulette's Syndrome?

Person 2: No, actually Brian is a violent alcoholic with a concealed carry license who also happens to be a complete idiot.

Person 1: Ah. I see.
by SuperNerdToTheRescue November 19, 2016
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