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During sex, in the "doggy-style" position, the man pulls out the womans' arms out from under her. Thus, causing her to fall onto her chest. He continues while scooting her around the room.
Bitch, Russian Snowplow?
by Justis. January 09, 2010
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While fucking a woman from behind on the floor, you grab her arms out from under her so her face lands on the floor and you give your final thrust and force her face across the floor into the wall.
Q: How did you put a hole in the wall all the way down there?

A: Russian snow plow
by gerthanthaclops December 24, 2009
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Term used to denote a woman that has gender issues. She uses a strap on in bed, wishing she had a boinker. Many of these women posses abnormaly strong hips in which they use to thrust.
Look at how she dresses, she's obviously a Russian Snow plow.

Wow! look how muscular her hips are. She's either birthed a minivan or is a Russian Snow Plow
by Jyu rangler March 03, 2009
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