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A Russian girl that you get to know and she at first seems like a nice person and once you start to really get to know her, you find out that she is a dirty pedofile and likes to go to skateparks and have pathedic little crushes on little eleventeen year old's. She then scares the little eleventeen year olds. And she thinks that the little eleventeen year old's like her back because they call her name's such as.. the Russian Slut. According to the Russian slut; being called name's is considered flirting. Maybe it's some russian thing... But anyway's.. Then she goes and try's to be cool and try to do an ollie on a skateboard and then fall! Because she is a stupid grom!!! And the little backstabber would accuse everyone else except the little eleventeen year old's of stealing her skateboard even tho it was the eleventeen year old's because they hate her. She is a stupid poser. Watch out for the russian's. They like to stare at you.
And if you tell her anything she goes and tell's the whole world. you cant trust them.

I'm not racist.
Hey who wants to come with me and put hot sauce in the Russian Slut's hair?!

Let's mix the Russian Slut's pop with all these half empty pop's, and then let her drink it.

Hey nichole, it would be pretty funny if we stepped on this chocolate bar and gave it to the Russian Slut.

all true memories.
by TheKellster April 06, 2005
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