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A fucked up place to live. Home to Rush-Henrietta High School. Great place to meet new people and get an education that will probably get you no where. It will also teach you that you don't have to know how to fight, just carry a knife around with you everywhere you go, and you will be alright. A community college is in store for you, if you so choose to go to RH. So, why not take a chance and get the worst education in the state. Come to Rush-Henrietta and do absolutely shit with your life. :).
"Holy shit dude, don't go to Rush-Henrietta, they don't teach you anything, except how to fuck, fight, and flunk".

"Hellz yea I went to RH...I work at McDonalds now".

"RH is da bomb"-says the 17 year old guy with 5 kids with 6 different women and will still be living with his mom till he's 40.

by DomDiWa88 April 23, 2009
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A cesspool of STDs and lack of self respect. Although predominantly white, this school district is the ghetto poopstain on the underwear of society.
"You go to Rush Henrietta? You must have chlamydia."
by LNNMRYBLNP January 07, 2012
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one of the trashiest places in rochester. filled with white trash people who wear lots of gold jewelry, have fake, crunchy curls and shop at aeropostale.
that girl is SO rush henrietta.
by ?? January 26, 2004
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