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The consequence and motivating factor of career choices in adults when they are humiliated in childhood by stuffing them in lockers, yanking their shorts down in gym class or revealing their masturbatory practices or bed wetting secrets in a public gatherings. Runt Rage usually begins with fantasies of revenge and results in employment in careers with authority such as law enforcement, security guards, IRS auditors, librarians and office managers. Symptoms of runt rage begin early with control-freak like behavior manifesting as teacher's pets, hall monitors, blackboard technician, tattletales, honor society, student council officers, exclusive or intellectual clubs and continue into adulthood as office brown-nosers, vice presidents of anything, special interest groupies, moral majority organizations, religious extremists, government employees, neighborhood watches, probation officers and soccer moms. This condition is not exclusive to runts in any way.
The cop who pulled me over and gave me a ticket for my tail light being out definitely has runt rage.

That bitch of an office manager waits by the elevator everyday to catch late employees. I think her runt rage is showing again.

I just love when the company vice president, who hasn't had an original idea in years, demonstrates his obvious runt rage by taking credit for someone else's ideas.
by Leatherlaird July 03, 2009
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