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Runningfire Athena is a some-what known YouTube group made up of 4 different people:
Runningfire Athena -leader, account maker-

MadHatters -second in command-
They produce gaming and animation videos, and are known for Runningfire's Warriors Cats videos. CMAN and Runningfire are known for their video 'Call of Duty: Zombies' in which the weirdest noises known to man were made. Courtesy of Runningfire

Runningfire has named their subscribers the 'Ender Warriors', since she loves Endermen and hates cows in MineCraft.

Runningfire is also known for any and all weird noises made and has an account on Quotev.

My Chemical Romance is life, so is yolo
CMAN, I'm scared. MUAAAAAA

by Idunlikeyolo June 25, 2013
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