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Commonly used to diss a person who plays runescape (A game)
Used to name this person a nerd of this game.

Runescape - MMORPG Very addictive 3D Online Game
(Defnition of runescape)
Jason: William is such a runescape nerd
Chris: Yeah dood he plays so much its not funny
William:Whaat? Whack i hit 12 with rune scimmy u die
by Jas dawgy November 16, 2006
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a person who plays runescape too much and all they do is play until 2 in the moring, and dont eat cause their to bussy playing, and dont have any freinds cause theier always playing,
Omar: dang man quit runescape u nerd
Wesam: iam not a nerd ur a nerd go quit myspace
Omar:Runescape nerd
Wesam:myspace nerd
Omar:myspace isnt a game
Wesam:so its still nerd
Omar: go train or somthing u nerd
Wesam: stfu u newb, i pwn u anytime,
Omar: hell Naww bruhh, ill bust yo face up
Wesam:give me my freid chicken back
by Omar Elk July 30, 2008
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someone who plays the mmorpg Runescape obsessively and is often found sitting at the computer mining, cutting wood, or doing some other mindless clicking task to make fake money on a retarded game.
"dude look at him all he does is beat off and play runescape, what a runescape nerd"

"Tyler has been playing runescape all day, i think he has like 20 mil... BIG WHOOP! *cough runescape nerd cough*"
by anabolic August 05, 2008
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