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An expression used in order to convey discontent of performance and eventual abandonment of one's significant other and/or hook up. When one horse in the stable isn't ridin right anymore, you gotta cut them off and free up that space for the newcomers, know what I'm sayin?

(Made popular by the Flash game Jake's Booty Call.)
Pimp1: What happened to that new slut you were talking about? You still diggin her?
Pimp2: Naw, dude. I'm over that shit. It's over. It's done. Run along little dun-dun.

(Ring. Ring. Riiiing.)
DumbSlut: Hello?
Pimp1: Hey girl, how you doin? I know you're trying to get together tonight, riiight?
DumbSlut: Excuse me? Do you know what time it is? I'm not just some slut you can fuck whenever you want.
Pimp1: Oh HELLLSS NO, I'm not trying to hear that shit. Run along little dun-dun. (Click.)
by Cardinale March 09, 2008
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