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Someone who judges someone based on their rear-ends.
Zelda: Sabrina, you're not a rumpist are you???
Sabrina: What's a rumpist?
Zelda: A rumpist is someone who judges someone else by their rear-ends.
by Dunkin35577 May 20, 2014
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Slang used by Jamaicans to discribe a gay male who

obviously love the posterior of another man. They are

usually in hiding on the island but are bountiful in San

Francisco. More than one Rumpsit are called Rumpians.

They are some times call Battmen. Their Friends are call

Robinguys and are just as nasty. They are also called

Red Stripes due to this particular beer company supports

their agenda to spread their life style to all parts of the

island of Jamaica. They are more times met with extream

negative backlash.
San Francisco is the ideal place for a Rumpist to live.
by Biggah November 29, 2007
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