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AKA Rumpelfugnutz, Rumpelfugz. A member of the opposite gender who just does not get that you are NOT into them! They are unattractive, more than likely over-flirtatious, overweight, have one lazy eye, calls you when they want "help with their homework" or is drunk with many other rumpelfugz at the bar looking to get lucky! Typically a Rumpelfugskin will get exceptionally jealous when their target, you, is DGing (Dirty Grinding) with someone other than them. Watch out for Rumpelfugz across America. They are also highly abundant in general education courses for the college level.
Person 1 - "Who is calling you?"
Person 2 - "Ah shit...... It is Rumpelfugskin!"

I was just trying to get away from Rumpelfugz but they just wouldn't quit badgering me.
by Ghostbustersfreak March 23, 2010
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