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Ruling sociobots (who have not done well in life by themselves and didn't have/didn't ask for help or the fear was put into them by other sociobots so much so that they GENUINELY and SINCERELY think it's right) fear not being sociobots or fear the consequences of not being sociobots and have some sort of opinions but inside the sociobot boxes.
Their fear may make them do things they would otherwise consider stupid or unnecessary or bad.
Most hopeless type of sociobot, but never beyond changing back
Any odd parent in Indian soaps or nearly any drama , ie, a Ruling Sociobot- That is not right. It's wrong. Don't do it...... OR. You will... . Face the consequences!!. ( cuz i cannot consider it, have control on it,or protect myself or you from it. SO, pls, stay away, or I don't know what I'll do. ... You see, it's an aspect of life i haven't or i have yet to face and... its outside the boxes. I am not the brightest one, iv'e been hurt, and the boxes have helped. Ill give you a gift, take these, Take these boxes. You can do whatever when they are with you. I mean, whatever in those boxes)

Note: DON'T take those boxes. Take this person to a spa, then slowly, eventually counselling/Therapy/anyone who knows the brain and can see reason.empathize. You'll see the change.

Let'em cry, keep paper tissues and a soft cloth for their face nearby
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