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A general rule of thumb for determining what base you should be at with your significant other. First of all, let's define the bases.

1st: Making out. Yes that means tongue
2nd: Boobie grabbing
3rd: Blowjob.

4th: Vaginal/Anal penetration using your penis.

For high schoolers: simply divide the number of months you've been dating. For example, if you've been dating 4 months, you should be at 2nd base. If you've beend atin 8 months, you should be at 2nd, etc.

For college students: Divide number of months by 1 to determine which base you should be one. 1st base after a month, sex after four months. Literally, college girls are whores. Four months is probably an overestimate.

Adults: Sex on first date.
A: Josh, you squeeze her tits yet?
B: Nah, not yet.
A: how long yall been dating?
B: 8 months
A: ... You a faggot. Rule of Bases states you should be at least at 2nd base now. Pussy Bitch.
by acavern December 14, 2014
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