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(a) An extension of Rule 34.
If porn has not been made of an object that has been Rule34'd, porn will be made of this object as soon as your request is processed.

(b) An extension of Rule 34 for medium.
If a creative media exists, someone has used it to create porn at some time.
Rule 34B (a) examples
<a> I call rule 34 on a Dr. Pepper can
<b> doesnt exist
<c> hey thats a good idea, ill draw some
<a> @.@!

Rule 34B (b) examples
flash porn
anime porn
cartoon porn
drawn porn
digital porn
3d porn
...the list goes on
by FluffyNevyn August 02, 2008
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A lesser known part of the infamous rule 34, which states that everything in the known existence has had a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic themed remake of itself.
I invoke Rule 34b on the Power Rangers. Actually, that sounds like it could be quite fun to watch...
by GreatWhiteDave December 26, 2011
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If it exists, there is a sex toy for it.
“Check out my new Stranger Dongs, it’s my demogorgon dildo it’s a rule 34b”
by Wilsonwade April 20, 2018
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