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Usually attractive and blonde 'alpha-female' as preferred by males who believe themselves to be alpha, because they play rugby and have large thighs. Rugby wives are disliked by women for various reasons, namely the smug I've-just-been-shagged-by-18st-of-testosterone-fuelled-manhunk glow they eminate.

Rugby wives are hugely generic - characterised by an interest in the country and premium 4x4's, no real talent or careers, spending, looking smug, blonde and petite, having spoilt children, sharp hair, smart fashion and somehow snagging and shagging huge, probably well-hung, ruggers (bitches!), which they don't at all appreciate and treat badly (causing the rugger to cheat on them).

They don't necessarily have to be a wife, it's girlfriends too. And the player doesn't have to be pro either.
Lisa Carling, Amanda Robinson, Kate Vickery and Alice Dallaglio are all the atypical 'cloned' rugby wife. Probably Jason Leonard's wife too. Google their pics, they all look the same......
by ruggerlover July 15, 2009
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