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Rudritara is a very rare Indian name which has only been given to one person in the world, the name means the star of Parvati, lord shiva's spouse and anyone who has/will been given this name will usually be born in may and be of the taurus star sign. . Rudritara's are usually very kind and compassionate people with a big heart even if it doesn't seem like it .They also love animals and care for them deeply. They are one of the smartest people with extreamly innovative minds who usually get into the field of law , business or innovation and technology and go to top universites and schools, Rudritara's can never put in their best (even if they want to ) when they are doing something which doesnt benifit them in the long run : if they are studying for a test in the 6th/7th or 8th grade they won't do their best even if they want to - but if they're studing for their SAT's they will really do their best and set new standards for their school or even the world.she will make a name for herself in any chosen field especially law she marry smartly and make smart decisions for herself,her marrige and family.

she is street smart but sentimental at times, not many people will understand her but all who trouble her will come back to her and be at her beet later in life.
rudritara's are wonderful people ,find one if you can
you will be extreamly luck to find a Rudritara !don't let her go if you do.
by wodooo August 04, 2018
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