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Rude breeding is the act of a female making a genetic choice for violent, lower primate-typical male-dominant posturing, as well as chaotic, erratic, and addictive behaviour. This happens most typically in isolated populations where genetic diversity is very limited, combining erratic behaviour with low IQ and other recessive traits.

Population pockets of rude breeding can plague any race, whether it’s European, African, Amerindian/Hispanic or Asian. It’s these population pockets that create typical prejudices, and the more indicative the population, the more vicious the prejudice.

Most incidents of recessive-typical rude breeding can be easily bred out in 1-2 generations by simply combining genes with other races and populations to block recessive traits, and then culturally conditioning females to select for female equality, reliability, work ethic, intellect and moderation in males, in order to avoid genetic recidivism.

The solution is simple. 1) Diversify the population, permitting immigration and multiracial genes. 2) Prohibit communities from becoming socially isolated. 3) Follow the genetic selection examples of those who exhibit moderated and civilized behavior.
"The guests on the UK Jeremy Kyle Show are perfect examples of social welfare-induced rude breeding."

"Irish Knackers (Travellers) practice an actual tradition of rude breeding."

"Hillbilly crackers were subject to rude breeding until their communities were no longer isolated in the mid-20th century."
by Sceptikitty May 29, 2012
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