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Ruby Ranger ( roo'be ran'jer ) -Noun

1. The term, "Ruby Ranger" is loosely used to classify anyone who has reached a supreme level of high off Marijuana, thus, making one's eyes as red as a ruby. Once this certain level of intoxication is reached, the user looses all control of self-sense; usually resulting in numerous attempts at, furthermore, embarrassing acts and/or stunts.
The "Ruby Ranger" is usually that one certain guy at the party that seems to be in his own falsehood of control and authority. The "Ruby Ranger" attempts any challenge given forth by his fellow on-lookers; usually resulting in an epic-fail. This complete act of stupidity earns him the named, life of the party; or more well known, "Ruby Ranger"
by KING SWAT 89 April 03, 2009
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