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Oftenly referred to as ruben. Is very paranoid in everything. Obsession with boys, especially gay ones ex. David Archuleta. Has no life, can never go anywhere or do anything. Is trying everything in life for the first time. Obsessed with shows like Pretty Little Liars and Grey's Anatomy. Rubena's are oftenly adopted and not many people like her or him or question mark whatever it is. Rubena's, or Ruben's as they are known, usually have a sister who doesn't listen to their problems because she has to many. Also tends to get quite hungry every now and then. They are quite messy in many aspects, but mostly in their rooms. Rubena's/Ruben's need to get a life and stop being in love with gay fags(David Archuleta)
Who's that loser behind the trash can?
oh that's Rubena/Ruben
by Joseph Marquez June 18, 2010
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